Living with Anxiety

You probably find that you frequently worry about life, work, family and relationships.  You may feel anxious when you think about certain things.  You might even have anxiety over the fact that you worry so much.  These thoughts and feelings can be paralyzing.

You hate feeling like a nervous wreck, but you might think that if you don’t worry about it,  no one will.  Meanwhile, you know anxiety is taking a toll on your life and your most intimate relationships.

You have been trying your best to “stop worrying so much” on your own but you just can’t.  You know you need to stop so you can regain control of your life and your relationships.  You  may be wondering if this is normal.  This kind of anxiety is more than what is considered normal.  This is a sign that you could be dealing with an anxiety disorder.

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Anxiety Counseling

There are several types of anxiety disorders.  Anxiety counseling can help you address your specific type of anxiety, understand why you worry, correct the harmful effects it’s having on you and learn the skills and tools you need to have a worry free life.

In the initial counseling session we will spend some time discussing what are the specific things that you are feeling anxious about which you would like to address.  We will discuss some of the goals that you want to take away from the counseling experience and come up with a plan on how best to achieve them.

I am easy going, warm hearted and care about your situation. I would like to get to know you and hear about what is causing you anxiety.  I can help you have the life you want without all the worrys.  Please call or email me to schedule an appointment.  I truly look forward to helping you.